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    Please contact the instructor or institution directly about registration, policies and procedures for individual classes. Class
    dates and locations may change without notice.

    Introductory Workshops and Classes

    Introductory Lecture /Demonstrations
    Prerequisite: None
    Registered Jin Shin Do® Practitioners and Authorized Jin Shin Do®Teachers demonstrate key neck and shoulder points in a 5 or 6-Step
    JSD Neck and  Shoulder Release to release tension and aid relaxation.  Participants may be invited to practice the neck release on
    themselves or with a partner. (Usually 2-4 hours)
    Taught by approved Registered JSD Acupressurists and by Authorized JSD teachers.

          Free Demonstration
          October 25, 2014, March 7th, 2015
          Philadelphia (Mt. Airy), PA
          email or call 215.247.1228
          Stephen Markman, teacher

    Networking and Mentoring
    Prerequisite: None
    Conference calls for networking with other JSD students and acupressurists and for reviewing the foundation
    material. Everyone is welcome.

    Fundamentals of Self-Acupressure (aka Self-Help Acupressure)        
    Prerequisite: None
    Gives 25 basic points for promoting balance, health, relaxation, and a sense of well-being in the entire body.
    Learn points to address back and joint problems, digestive difficulties, reproductive imbalances, muscular
    and emotional stress and tension, etc.  Also the Basic Neck Release and Basic Central Release.  (Usually
    7-14 hours)
    Taught by approved Registered JSD Acupressurists and by Authorized JSD teachers
           October 26, 2014
           Philadelphia (Mt. Airy), PA
           email or call 215.247.1228
           Stephen Markman, teacher
                     February 28, 2015
           Philadelphia (Mt. Airy), PA
           email or call 215.247.1228
           Stephen Markman, teacher

    Acupressure Facial (aka Windows of the Sky)
    Prerequisite: None
    Focuses in detail on the neck and shoulders. Most of these points affect the circulation of heaven and earth
    energies through the body, reestablishing the balance of  Qi--or opening the "Windows of the Sky."  These
    techniques may be used for release of facial tension and increase of circulation to the skin and scalp,         
    headaches, eyestrain, sinus problems, neck and shoulder problems and for a whole body sense of physical
    ease and harmony.  Developed originally for beauticians, the 12-step facial uses only points on the face,
    head, neck, arms and hands. (Usually 7-14 hours)
    Taught by Authorized JSD teachers.
           Call for Info
           New Paltz, New York
           email or call 610.324.8731
           Deborah Valentine Smith, teacher

    Acupressure First
    Free - Open to the Public
    Prerequisite: None
    Before you self-prescribe pain preparations, try self-care points to help relieve the tension and discomfort of minor problems like tension
    headache, backache, jaw pain, constipation, menstrual problems, "heartburn" and nausea. Includes the simple, effective Neck/Shoulder
    Release, and how to do it for yourself and others. Learn pressure point skills needed to offer the patterns to family and friends.
    Call for Info
       Call 610.917.8265 or email for information
       Deborah Valentine Smith, teacher
Introductory Workshop and Classes
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