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    Tendino-Muscular Meridians: Where Energy meets Fascia
    Also: TMMs for Fibromyalgia and Cellulite
    Because the Tendino-Muscular Meridians run through the fascia and nourish the skeletal muscles, they are particularly useful for
    healing structural problems and injuries. Chinese texts prescribe them for "pain or stiff, strained or twisted muscles along the course of
    the channel." Also, work with these channels often results in "unwinding" of tensions associated with emotional armoring. We will
    explore the meridians with techniques from acupressure and Shiatsu that can be incorporated into sessions and also given to clients
    for self-treatment.
    October 22 - 23
           Cayce Reilly School of Massotherapy, Virginia Beach, Virginia
           Call 757.428.3588, ext. 7285 or register at under "Massage School"
           Deborah Valentine Smith, teacher

    October 28 - 29 2017
           Cayce Reilly School of Massotherapy, Virginia Beach, Virginia
           Call 757.428.3588, ext. 7285 or register at under "Massage School"
           Deborah Valentine Smith, teacher.  

    Western Body, Eastern Mind: Integrated Anatomy & Physiology
    Western Science Meets Chinese Medicine
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    This intensive course provides an A&P course relevant to one's professional practice by providing both an introductory overview (or
    review) of western anatomy/physiology and a bridge connecting modern western scientific knowledge with the ancient wisdom of
    Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is accomplished by comparing and contrasting western and Chinese organ/physiological theory,
    identifying the influence of acupoints and meridians on muscles and organs, and teaching the muscles and bones in relation to location
    of acupoints. We also use the more left-brain, analytical, western description of biological structure and function to gain insight into the
    more holistic and metaphorical language of the eastern system. Meets the AOBTA requirement for Anatomy and Physiology.
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                Call 610.917.8265, email
                Deborah Valentine Smith, teacher

    TendinoMusclular Meridian Technique  (TMMT) Extended Course
    NCBTMB CEs available
    The TendinoMuscular meridians of Chinese Medicine traverse the fascia and nourish all major muscle groups.  Participants learn
    effective techniques that gently open the meridian pathways in the fascia to improve the circulation of Qi and Blood and address the
    pain of conditions like fibromyalgia; cellulite and muscle strain and injury. Because it opens the alignment of the planes of fascia along
    the meridian pathways, the work is practically effortless for the practitioner and comfortable for the client in pain.
    Part I: The course includes  an overview of the twelve TendinoMuscular meridians of acupuncture theory, their associated muscles,
    assisted gentle stretches, and specific manual techniques for each of the twelve meridians. Each day addresses one Yin/Yang pair of
    meridians (e.g. Lung/Large Intestine) and the agonist/antagonist/synergist relations of the associated muscles.
    TBA Spring, 2017
           Ask for Information 610.917.8265,
                Deborah Valentine Smith, teacher
                    Lu/LI; St/Sp
                    Ht/SI; Bl/K
                          P/TW; GB/Lv
    Part II: This course will cover the Six Division (Hand/Foot) meridian pairings (e.g. Tai Yang: SI and Bl), the associated muscle layers
    (superficial, intermediate and deep) of the three muscle meridians of each aspect of the the limbs (e.g. Yang Arm: TW, LI, SI), the
    associated trains of fascia from toe to finger, and additional stretches and manual techniques related to the Six Division pairings          
         Ask for Information 610.917.8265,
        Deborah Valentine Smith, teacher
                  SI/Bl, H/K and Yang Meridians of the Arm
                  TW/GB, P/Lv and Yang Meridians of the Leg
                   LI/St; Lu/Sp and Yin meridians of the Arm and Leg           

    Taoist Qi Gong: The Eight Silken Movements, Pal Dan Gum
    Practiced for thousands of years to promote radiant health. According to Taoist Master Sung Jin Park, Pal Dan Gum "Can be practiced
    by anyone willing to take 10 minutes a day...will recharge the inner regions...muscles and joints will become more flexible and resilient...
    This is the secret art of Chinese and Korean sages."
    Thursday Mornings
                 Katonah, Westchester County, NY
                 Contact Gail Kellstrom 914.232.5754 or
                 Gail Kellstrom, teacher.

    Drumming Circle
    Katonah, Westchester County, NY
                Contact Gail Kellstrom, 914.232.5754 or

    Foot Reflexology
        (2 weekends)
                New York, NY
                Call 212.414.5764 or email
                Simone Carbonel, Teacher (visit her website at

    Qi Kung: The Six Healing Sounds
    This practice is at least 5,000 years old, based on ancient Taoist practices for longevity (and some say immortality!). These are very
    powerful yet simple exercises or gestures, which are accompanied by specific visualizations and sounds. Qi King (means cultivating
    energy) clears negative energies/vibrations from your internal organs. This allows the clear cultivation and circulation of universal life-
    force energy through all your organs. Important practice for health care practitioners.
        Katonah, New York
                Call 914.232.5754,
                Gail Kellstrom, teacher.
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